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In the winter of 2015 I visited Nicaragua for the first time and my heart was captivated by Ometepe Island. The people are poor but generous of spirit and very welcoming. I returned the following winter to renew relationships and establish the foundations of what was to become my future passion, to provide improved life opportunities for the very poor communities here. Having spent 40 years in the UK education system I know how important it is to maximise children and young people’s educational opportunities. These are some of the eight schools we are now supporting, They comprise an isolated rural primary school, an urban central primary school with three village schools attached, a pair of rural primary schools and a secondary school.

From 2017 I have been fundraising with friends, family and people I have met, to provide uniforms to enable children to attend school, educational materials and equipment for pupils and teachers, technology, musical and sports equipment for the schools. And in 2020 we began to make many structural repairs to the school buildings, particularly to improve sanitary facilities. We run regular fundraising events ( see events page) and as a creative person I sell my works of art and embroidery to raise funds ( see donations page). This has been a good source of income during 2020 and into 2021 when lockdown prevented us running any events and Covid and hurricanes presented even more needs in Ometepe. Carolyn Gibbs Ed D.

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Carolyn would like to thank all those individuals in the UK and Ometepe , and local organisations who support the project. She is sincerely grateful to Marvin and his family in Ometepe who manage the day to day activities of the project, send evidence and feedback and collate, check and forward requests for support.